This event is a part of SNAPSHOTS, a strand of programming at MANIPULATE that presents works-in-progress at various stages of their development. Supported by SURGE Physical Theatre Bursary.

Mother has been bitten by a dog on her breast.

In the kitchen, mother once told me a story about famine.

Grandmother once asked for a whole egg for her birthday.

Grandmother’s flesh is all gone now.

The family recipe.

I have forgotten the last ingredient like I am afraid to forget my mother’s voice

I will keep mother from death.

I will discover the missing ingredient.

A physical theatre performative lecture about connections, inheritance and loss. A cooking show that is an attempt to understand what holds us apart and what brings us together. An intimate psycho-magical documentary.


Leanor is a Peruvian multi-disciplinary performance and theatre-maker based in Glasgow. Her practice is under perpetual revolt and she is adamantly attempting to remake her connections to the audience in these times of unpresence. She works with the opposing textures of testimony and surrealism, using every language available to reach states of collective imagination in cahoots with the community of spectators. She enjoys lying, but does so very badly.


Performed by Leonor Estrada Francke

Video Artist / Lucas Kao

Art Director / Ruben San Roman

Supported by SURGE Physical Theatre Bursary and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Ballad of the Crone is a part of our Digital Festival, through which you can experience boundary-pushing visually led performance and animation, broadcast direct to your home. Please note that you must have access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or similar device in order to attend this event.

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Image Courtesy of (c) Leonor Estrada Francke