PREY: You ever eat a woman?


PREDATOR: Not yet.

Loud dress, no shoes – Prey slips in the rain, every raindrop a tooth. The Man, watching his neighbours from the shadows of his flat, sees breakups, group sex, a dog die and revive, and her – melancholic, solitary. For Predator nothing will ever be the same again.

One night, slipping through liminal spaces, three nameless people download Tor, leave grandmother’s house and run for their lives.

From “strikingly bold” theatre collective Snap – Elastic, EAT ME is a luscious, incendiary theatre show about unconventional love, chaos, control and the shifting complexities of power.

“a vision of excess consumption in a world where lust for sensory pleasure turns cannibalistic.” ★★★★ The Guardian (EAT ME work-in-progress performance at MANIPULATE 2017)

In association with Curious Seed and with support from Figurenteatret i Nordland.


Snap – Elastic are a theatre collective interested in creating visceral, textured and painfully intimate moving art on stage. We came together with a mutual passion to make ambitious work that is playful, dark, and stimulating for all the senses, as well as being connected with our lived experiences as women.

Led by Alice Mary Cooper, Eszter Marsalko and Claire Willoughby, we have a close team of collaborators that we work with on an ongoing basis. We are driven to layer different art forms over one another in a way that attempts to reject the hierarchical nature of more traditional theatre and create a piece of gesamtkunstwerk in every project we work on, no matter how big or small.


A Snap – Elastic Produced in association with Curious Seed

Originally conceived by Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby

Devised and performed by Ian Cameron, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby

Choreographer / Christine Devaney

Costume Designer / Annie Hiner

Director / Eszter Marsalko

Fight Director / Emma Claire Brightlyn

Lighting Designer / Simon Hayes

Production Manager / Sian MacGregor

Set Designer / Anna Orton

Sound Designer / Matthew Collings

Stage Manager / Craig McNeill

Videographer / Rob Jones

Videographer (assistant) / Conor O’Toole

Writer / Luke Sutherland

Dramaturgical support from Caitlin Skinner

Supported by Figurteatret, Catherine Wheels, Brunton Theatre, Surge and Creative Scotland.


EAT ME is a part of our Digital Festival, through which you can experience boundary-pushing visually led performance and animation, broadcast direct to your home. Please note that you must have access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or similar device in order to attend this event.

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Image Credit: Brian Hartley